We offer powerful software tools and design custom solutions based on our structural calculation software. If you need a special application for your company that allows you to quickly enter data or parameterize certain geometries, we can design an exclusive tool for you.

ElastiK is a commercial software package dedicated to the calculation and optimization of structures by means of bar-type elements and Shell type needs hardware and software requirements that are indicated below. The main features of the program are also described.

Main features of the calculation program

◊ Graphical application for Windows based on the matrix calculation of bars for three-dimensional structures, considering 6 degrees of freedom per node. It also consists of flat-bladed finite elements with bending, membrane and shear behaviour.

◊ Automatic import and export of DXF files
◊ Introduction of concrete bars and metal bars of variable profile, reinforced beam, box beams, circular beams, parametric profiles, etc.
◊ Practically allows to define any type of bar linkage (biexposed, articulated, arituculada-embedded, relaxations to moment and longitudinal relaxations ….). It also allows to define a resistant limit at the end of the bar (exhaustion of a connector or union)
◊ The graphical wizard allows any 3d visualization and manipulation of the rods, blades, loads, and supports. Three-dimensional actual representation of the introduced profiles, export DXF.
◊ Definition of materials and prices associated with profiles and plates. The prices are used in the portal optimizer to check if it is more interesting to change profile (to save material) or if the cost of the exchange operation exceeds the material savings, in which case the profile would not be reduced.
Presentation of results in graphical form and in the form of tables, being able to export to spreadsheet.
◊ Includes generator of metal sections of any geometry with calculations static values.
◊ Automatic generation of wind, snow and earthquake loads according to regulations of different countries.
◊ Calculation of steel structures subjected to fire action. Calculation of heating and critical temperature for different curves of fire, both of naked and isolated elements. Calculation of the equivalent time of exposure to fire.
◊ Automatic generator of simply supported beams, continuous and rail beams. Automatically generates geometry, loads, places support conditions and optimize profile Within the pre-sectioned series by the user. Optimization can be done in tabular profile or in an armed beam.
◊ The “transfer or supplement” option for calculating Z-type continuous belts is included.
◊ Optimiser of Porticos in commercial profile or armed beam. This is one of the modules, integrated into the program, more powerful because with a very simple input of data, generates geometry, contour conditions, loads and optimizes the gantry. resulting in a weight and a measurement of profiles and surface paint. Very useful data to make a budget. In addition to the optimized dimensioning of the gantry, complying with the final and service limit states established in the application code or configured by the user. An armed beam gantry can be optimized in less than 2 minutes (30 seconds of data input and 50 seconds of calculation and optimization).
◊ Module for the calculation of retaining walls in bracket and export of DXF files.
◊ Automatic generator of prefabricated concrete porticos with all kinds of combinations possible, simple, townhouses, various height, with or without bridge crane … etc. Generates geometry, introduces loads, places support conditions, and calculates armed. In a few seconds
◊ Generation of lattice structures (buildings). Generates geometry, applies loads, and optimizes structure.
◊ Integrated module for calculating calyx prefabricated reinforced concrete structure.
◊ Module for calculating prestressed concrete sections.
Module for calculating bolt with resin.
◊ Module for calculating short reinforced concrete corbels.